Facing mental health

Facing mental health

I am currently undertaking a project which is very personal to me – it’s about mental health.

So many times, we get told that mental health doesn’t have a face.

I believe the opposite is true, mental health DOES have a face and I really want to show the face of mental health (i.e I want to photograph people who have – or have had mental health issues in the past).

Let’s not hide away anymore.

Luckily, we have started talking and sharing our stories – it’s a start, but it’s simply not enough. 

We need to get our faces out there, only by showing our faces in public can we get people to stop, look and think.

A photograph or image is said to be worth a thousand words – let’s hope it can be.

I’m hoping to get enough faces to be able to exhibit and tour and to show the public the real face of mental health.

Maybe, just maybe we can continue to show that there is no shame in mental health, only courage to be able to show and admit it.

Ok, so this is where you come in – starting initially in Yorkshire, I would like to photograph YOU, well your face to be precise. Mine will be the first picture taken.

All photographs will be taken with as near as the same conditions as possible with a plain background, one light and pretty much only your face/portrait in the shot.

These will be put on a website and ultimately printed out and exhibited.

You will need to be comfortable that your face may be seen by quite a few people in public and as such I would need to ask you to sign a “model release” that you are okay for your picture to be used in public. 

Also under your picture, will be your christian name and location (i.e Darren, Leeds)

So please think before you agree to volunteer – it’s a big commitment. 

I am not taking these shots as though they were “model shots” – I want the real you, thats the whole purpose.

If it is something you may be interested in, please either let me know on here or PM me on here. 

Alternatively you can email me at darrensandersonphotography@gmail.com.

The website will be shortly up and running under the name of www.facingmentalhealth.co.uk